We are tomorrow makers.


Spider Innovation is a leading IT service provider with a highly talented team with the head quarter in New York. Our branch office is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

We always use the best technology to help and support our clients. We work for both new and existing companies and ensure the best quality. Our pricing is very reasonable and over the year of working experience, we know what works best and what doesn’t. We specialize in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, E-commerce services and so on. We cover all the major sectors of IT service. So, we have the ability to handle all of your hassles.
After receiving any projects, we manage those projects as our own and of course, we provide you the reports of our work for clear understanding. We focus on customer demands and provide the perfect solution in an easy way. By maintaining professionalism, we also focus on honesty also. We never ever hide anything to our clients and provide them the clear reports of our work.
Our support team always ready to answer your questions and gives the proper plan to move forward. We believe in building long term relationships and treat all of our clients in a friendly way. We believe in the best results and while delivering our works ensure the best result. Also, we promise to submit our works within deadlines.

Our mission

Our main mission is to take the good side of technology and get proper benefits from it. For fulfilling our missions we think the digital sector will play an important rule. Spider Innovation is working for reducing unemployment and for achieving this we are trying our best. As we believe in quality and for ensuring the quality we are delivering creativity and motivations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the perfect business solutions to our clients. We love to build a strong relationship with our customers and support them also. Our clear vision is to solve the current client’s problems and make their life even easier.
We are not here to do only businesses rather than we believe in building strong relationships. We are very clear about our internet presence and Spider Innovation always works to be the best company all the time.

Our Approach

Spider Innovation work with all modern and smart technology. We are confident that we can achieve success by working together. Our company is always maintaining a customer-friendly attitude. Whenever it’s about marketing, developing or designing Spider Innovation stands in the first position in our country.

Innovation Is There Day Or Night


Creators of Spider Innovation.

Brig Gen Humayun Bakht | Advisor

Humayun Bakht is the most respective person and he is providing his most valuable advices to us. He passed his life by serving the country peoples as an Army. He is always trying to build strategies and making proper planning for taking Spider Innovation to the most possible higher level. We value his work and respect his personality.

Farhan Bakht | President and CEO

Farhan Bakht is a successful entrepreneur who is managing his business perfectly. After working with some international brands like BMW, he is trying to something for our youths. His main vision is to do something with the IT sector and transform our young generations to the entrepreneur level.

Bakht Rumman Birteez | Chef Operating Officer

Bakht Rumman Birteez is a very talented and smart guy who has a very good understanding of the technology. He always keeps himself busy with researching and doing something unique. His main vision is to take Spider Innovation to the next level which can be beneficial for peoples all over the world.

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